Black Belt Classes

Our prestigious Black Belt classes are exactly that! Classes designed for senior grades. No gimmicks, no nonsense, just hard work. We cover much of the syllabus for dan grades and refine technique for competition.

Once a student reaches 2nd Kup (red belt) they become eligible to join our Black Belt Class. Because our standards are exceptionally high at Black Belt level, we want to make sure that there is the maximum chance of passing. If a student has trained hard and performs well they will pass, but it is still a nail biting moment waiting for the results at the end of the day.

At 2nd kup, a student is nearing the end of their intermediate career and is progressing towards the advanced stage, so it makes sense that they attend the advanced classes. These classes are compulsory for those wishing to take their next grading within 6 months.

All this is available within the easy price plans. Students will not be asked for an 'upgrade' in order to attend these classes.

Black Belt Classes run at The Academy every Monday. (Non club members welcome, but will be asked to show evidence of grade. They must also be club members which can be arranged fairly swiftly).